The Gold Standard in Companion Bird Boarding

Avian Suites is a boarding facility in Minneapolis, MN, only for companion birds.Our goal is to have a safe and enriching environment for your bird while taking precautions to prevent the spread of disease between birds. To reach these goals, we have individual rooms for each clients birds where they will not come into contact with other birds. Our rooms are kept slightly warmer than room temperature to reduce stress and each room has isolated ventilation and air filtration. Our Avian Care Specialists wear gowns that are left in each room and they disinfect their hands, shoes, and anything else that comes into contact with items in the room. We also have a rigorous vacuuming, cleaning, and disinfection process for all rooms and cages between visitors.

Our Avian Care Specialists are on site for 9+ hours each day and we spend individual time with each bird multiple times per day. We offer a fresh veggie, grain, and fruit breakfast each morning, included in the boarding price, plus giving the dry food and treats you bring from home. Cages are cleaned twice daily or more often if needed and we have white cage paper so we can monitor each birds droppings. We also weigh each bird every other day and offer showers or baths on alternating days. All of our Avian Care Specialists must go through an extensive training process and we encourage continuing education for all our staff.

Appointments available 9:30 – 5:30 7 days a week.